Connected Infection

Something has come among us.

Agent Damian Raven has a personality disorder that makes him hard to work with. Together with his new partner, Tasmin Popescu, he works at the forefront of a United Nations taskforce, charged with protecting the world from unconstrained technologies.

But when a phone technician in London discovers creatures incubating in smartphone batteries, and a solipsistic scientist in the Gobi desert finds her colleagues working on an unauthorised and disturbing project, Raven and Popescu find themselves facing an enemy for which they could never prepare.

Racing around the globe, they must stop this foe and save those who have become its pawns, before it cripples civilisation completely and leaves us broken in its wake.

CONNECTED INFECTION is an alternative version of INFECTED CONNECTION. It’s a little more fun and futuristic, and takes itself less seriously. It is not a sequel, and is only available as an ebook.