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If there’s one thing I have in common with Miss-Matic, Miss-Matic’s mother, and our cat – who adopted Miss-Matic’s mother only to be subsequently adopted by Miss-Matic and I under the somewhat false pretense that we would be entirely responsible for its residency, and who still lives with Miss-Matic’s mother several years later and is most definitely still our cat despite appearances and quite possibly legal definitions to the contrary – it is that we all like to take naps.

As we step into a brand new year it is important to set one’s goals and agendas up front – this is why we make New Year’s Resolutions after all – and so I have decided to spend most of 2013 missing 2013 by napping as frequently and lengthily as possible.

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Ash-Matic Does Feline-Distraction Syndrome

I like cats, but my affection for these aloof felines sometimes comes with negative consequences – and therefore I don’t always like that affection.

For instance, as much as I love getting cat on my face, my immune system doesn’t. It makes my skin turn red and bumpy. I start to wheeze and sneeze. I scratch my neck. And if I get cat in my eyes – either directly or via my fingertips – they turn red, water, and itch like a motherfucker.

But I’ve recently realised another disadvantage of liking cats:

Feline-Distraction Syndrome.

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