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‘No. Listen. Liz isn’t being haunted. Liz is haunted.’

Creepy Hands cover with absolutely no spoilers in it

Andy and Liz are newlyweds. They’ve just moved into their first home together. But Andy is struggling to adjust to married life.

He doesn’t mind that Liz is kinky – in fact he quite likes that. He doesn’t mind that she holds grudges – so long as she’s not holding them against him. And he doesn’t even mind that she finds it hard to make friends, and hates some of his.

What bothers Andy is that Liz has unseen companions.

She didn’t tell him about them before the wedding. And now they’re sharing the house too.

Andy confides in his big-mouthed friend Morris, and they resolve to investigate. But if Liz finds out he’s told anyone, she won’t be happy.

And when Liz gets upset, so do her friends.

HANDS is a creepy horror novella, available on Amazon as an ebook now.

Not for the squeamish!



Writing Content

A couple of months ago I applied for a job writing content for a PR company. I was asked to bring examples of content I had written, but most of my writing is either serious fiction or stupid stories. So I threw this together to show I could cut it in the real world.

Writing Content for an Interview

You’ve got the interview. Congratulations. But now what? You need to provide examples of content and you’re not sure all the other stupid shit you wrote will cut it in a professional environment?

Don’t panic. And don’t say ‘shit’ again. Follow this handy guide to bluff your way through.

1. Consider your topic.

What’s that? You don’t have a topic yet? Huh. Well, pick something that might make you look clever – like some kind of meta- commentary on your current problem. Don’t worry, there’s no way this will look like you’re trying too hard.

2. Research, research, research.

Google is your friend at this stage. If your article is of an instructional nature, just apply the words ‘How to’ before the title of your article and plagiarise whatever comes up first. Don’t worry – everyone else is writing their own content, so if you think about it, by being the sole plagiarist you’re the one being original.

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Infected Connection

While investigating a fault plaguing the newest model of smartphone, stressed technician Simon Parfitt makes a disturbing discovery. Incubating inside the batteries are spider-like creatures, and the phenomenon is spreading.

But when Simon tries to alert the authorities, people start trying to kill him.

As paranoia sets in, Simon is reluctantly recruited in the fight against an enemy that remains several steps ahead.

People become pawns, friends become foes, and civilisation starts to crumble.

INFECTED CONNECTION is a high-tech thriller, in which an unassuming man is plunged into circumstances beyond his comprehension or control. He is led on a journey of thousands of miles, flung into the path of an unfathomable foe, and must ultimately ask himself how far he is willing to go, and how much he will sacrifice to see a job through.

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