My novel Infected Connection has been out for quite a while now, but it has a newly-edited teaser trailer!

In events paralleling those in the novel, smartphone technician [NAME REDACTED] loses his job after he discovers bug-like creatures incubating in phone batteries.

The trailer is the now-classified file is the video he made to try and get the word out.

The original trailer had 1.9 million views, which is more than I’d ever hoped for, so I feel it had a good run. It seemed to entertain, and a lot of people apparently thought it was a genuine hoax attempt!

I decided to remove it from YouTube for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wasn’t happy with the running time. 6-7 minutes was a bit long for a novel trailer, and it also blunted the dramatic effect.
  2. The featured actor had to be ‘anonymised’ for personal reasons – which actually fits well with the new edited version as a classified file.

The new trailer can be viewed on YouTube here, or in the embedded player below.

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