Updates Out Of Nowhere!

Tumbleweed rolling

Does anybody still visit this site?

I don’t.

But that’s going to change! SOOOON.

I’ve been taking some time off to “work on myself” and so I would like to apologise to any passing tumbleweeds for my lack of productivity and creativity over the past – eek! – two years(!!)

In the near future:

  • Stupid new blog posts!
  • Free short stories and micro-fiction!
  • Longer projects that always take longer to finish than I expect!
  • Other things I forget but probably do exist, maybe!

So I  hope to reinvigorate my little corner of the web soon, and you’d all be very welcome to come and hang out when I do.





In other news:

Both my science fiction novel CONNECTED INFECTION and my horror novella HANDS are now available electronically on Smashwords, and unlike this site’s namesake Infected Connection (which is my baby) you can set your own price!!

So if anyone is still reading, or stumbles here by accident, please feel free to stop by and grab free copies using the links below – I do get more value from my work being read than I do from the odd sale, and if you like the respective genres I hope you can enjoy them gratis.

Connected Infection






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2 Responses

  1. Kait says:

    OMG! You are alive. I thought perhaps you had stayed at a hotel with a hidden murder chair and been slayed. Glad to see that is not the case. I look forward to your further adventures.

    • Ashmatica says:

      I am alive! And I’m glad you take the threat of hidden murder chairs seriously – those things are even sneakier than the assassins who find them so comfortable to sit in.

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