A. Ashley Straker is a thirty-something writer, lazy blogger and full-time cake-lover from the UK.

She started writing fiction in 2001 to cope with her disappointment after civilisation didn’t end with the millennium. Her first full novel, INFECTED CONNECTION, was released as an ebook in 2013, and she set up a website for her aspirations as a writer. Unwisely, she named this site after her book, and got very little traffic because most visitors thought they had a virus when the title came up. She’s since decided to use a smaller font for that.

this is meIn 2012, A. Ashley Straker began a blog called Ash-Matic Does Things, in which she blogged about things that she did, under the name Ash-Matic. She mainly started this blog in case the world needed bloggers after the 2012 apocalypse, but luckily it didn’t and it’s just as well because she never took blogging very seriously.

In late 2014 she made the dubious decision to amalgamate the two sites, and use infectedconnection.com to host her blog. This has led to the bizarre situation you see before you, where her serious literary ambitions have to share space with her badly-drawn cartoons and stupid tales.

Most writers tend to stick to one genre, to develop brand awareness and cultivate a following who know what to expect, and this is probably good advice, because the goal is ultimately to sell books and make enough money to throw onto the bed and roll around in. But Ash-Matic knows she will probably die poor, so she writes whatever she likes, because what’s the point in being your own boss otherwise?

So you can either think of her as A. Ashley Straker, or as Ash-Matic.
She doesn’t really care. You can find her on Twitter (@AshMatica), or contact her here.


One thought on “About”

  1. I just viewed your fantastic clip from Infected Connection. Man. When does the movie come out? I have seen every sci fi ever made, so I have oh, say, 50 years (give or take a few) of experience pertaining to sci fi genre cinema and books. My father before me had large paper bags full of old science fiction paper back novels, so I was reading Asimov and Bradbury and many others at a young age. Not too much impresses me anymore, but when it does, I love to tell people about it. Your video impressed me. I really would love to see more.
    Sincerely, HollyNoelle

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